In case you have already bought a cloud website hosting account through another provider previously, you've almost certainly encountered a situation where you need to wait for hours, often even for a few days to get your new account set up and activated. The procedure is typically automated, but with most payment systems a new payment goes in the queue and is completed when a live person sees it. With small website hosting companies, this may happen once a day at a certain time and if you've purchased an account via a reseller in the past, you have most probably waited for quite a while. In this way you lose valuable time in waiting around rather than spending it on dealing with your web sites.

Instant Account Activation in Cloud Website Hosting

If you purchase a cloud website hosting plan through us, you will not have to wait as your new account will be activated immediately. Within a couple of minutes we'll set everything up and we will send you the account login info, so that you can start working on your websites at once. If you acquire a domain address along with the hosting plan, it is going to be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your site is ready and you currently have the files on your PC, you can go on and upload them. If you pick any of our free script-driven apps to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s setup, it will also be ready to use without delay and since we're available at all times, you can purchase your new account even during holidays and have it activated instantly.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server solutions do not have any actual activation time because everything is created in a few minutes after place your order. The minute you submit your financial transaction, we will send you the account login information and you can sign in to a fully operational web hosting CP. You may then upload your site files provided that you have them, or you can use one of our online web design tools. In case you have selected a script application to be set up in your account during the order process, it'll be ready to use by the time you access the CP and you'll get the administrator login info together with the hosting account Welcome e-mail. You can acquire a new semi-dedicated web server at the most convenient time for you because we are available 24/7/365 and your account is going to be activated in minutes regardless of when you purchase it.

Instant Account Activation in VPS Servers

Although a new VPS server requires a longer setup time in comparison to a regular shared hosting package deal, we make certain that if you get a new VPS through us, it'll be ready within the hour regardless of the configuration you have selected. A web server without a hosting Control Panel is going to be working even within minutes, while one which has a Control Panel (Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin) will be 100% working within an hour after you acquire it. It requires additional time for the additional software to be installed, but we still beat the majority of hosting providers on the market and we provide new virtual web server accounts much quicker. With a VPS through us, you are going to be able to begin developing your sites as soon as it is technically possible and you will get a completely functional web server with everything needed to start your internet presence.