cPanel is one of the most popular hosting Control Panels out there. It contains an intuitive interface as well as multiple features that make web presence management easy and fast. With only a couple of clicks, you will be able to do various operations with folders and files, to generate email addresses and to activate spam security for them, to generate databases and FTP accounts, to see comprehensive usage statistics, etc. cPanel also has a reseller counterpart - the WebHost Manager instrument (WHM). It'll allow you to generate website hosting plans and cPanel hosting accounts, to change their features, to view and to modify server-side settings using a web-based graphical interface, to change DNS zone records, to install modules, and many more. cPanel and WHM are certified apps and they are among the most preferred reseller website hosting tools, since they can be used on nearly any server and with almost any kind of billing software.

cPanel with Unlimited Domains in VPS Servers

cPanel is one of the hosting Control Panels that you will be able to select with all of the VPS servers packages that we offer, as long as you pick the CentOS Operating System for your server. You'll be able to order it during the registration process or another time through your billing area and after completing several simple setup steps when you log in for the first time to the WebHost Manager, you will be able to start generating hosting packages and accounts for your domain names. There is no restriction on the total number of accounts that you may have, so you will be able to decide whether each of your domain names will be in a separate account or if a couple of domain names will be hosted together. Due to the fact that you'll be given root-level access, you can set up any kind of software that your Internet sites may require. With all cPanel-equipped virtual servers, we also provide you with a domain reseller account along with a billing and support solution for free, giving you the opportunity to start your own web hosting business with ease and with minimal effort.

cPanel with Unlimited Domains in Dedicated

cPanel can be acquired with all the Linux dedicated servers that we supply either with the initial order or at a later time through your billing Control Panel. Because it runs only on CentOS, you should select this Operating System during the registration process. There are several steps that you will need to complete to install the WebHost Manager in the event you start using it for the very first time and after that, you can set up web hosting packages with only a few clicks. Due to the fact that there is no restriction on the total number of accounts which you're able to set up, you can choose if each of your websites will be hosted separately or if you will group them. You can use our dedicated servers to launch a website hosting reseller business as well, since we give free billing and support software plus a domain name reseller account with all the cPanel-equipped servers. If a given website has specific requirements regarding the software that should be running on your server, you will not have any problems installing whatever is required, as you will have full root-level access to your server.