Through the Domain Manager built in the Hosting Control Panel, it will be possible to look after your domain names easily, from the same spot you handle your sites. And also the Domain Manager is stuffed with all of the tools you need in order to proficiently deal with all aspects of your domains.

Multi Domain Name

Modify Whois, name servers, customized DNS

Regardless of how many domains you have got, you can deal with every one of them with a mouse click in the Billixx IT Consulting Domain Manager! You’ll be able to update the WHOIS information, change the name servers as well as integrate special DNS records to as many domains as you want directly from your Hosting Control Panel.

Making use of the Domain Manager, you will have immediate access to the files of your domains and will also be in a position to change the bundled email accounts on top of that. Also, you’ll be able to observe the web stats for every single one of your domain names. The bulk selection helps you register as well as renew a variety of domains at a time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Take care of your personal DNS records with just a click

The DNS administration user interface of the Hosting Control Panel has a solution to integrate and change a variety of DNS records for any domains that you’ve registered or transferred to your website hosting account. These records have integrated A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. If you have modified a DNS record nonetheless would like to restore the original values, you can do this with a mouse click on the Revert button.

Utilizing the DNS Manager, additionally you can register name servers that are based on your domain name, just like: dns1.your– and dns2.your– This can help you make your brand far more identifiable to your clients!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park unrestricted number of domains

If you have a domain however do not have a web site for it at this point, you can actually register it and park it right until your site is all set on the web. Domain Parking really helps to have engaging domain names and place them online through the help of default web pages made by our system. You can make a choice between an ’Under Construction’ web page as well as a "for sale" webpage. Additionally, you can quickly point the domain to another web site.

Right after the site for your domain gets ready, you unpark your domain name with only a mouse click and your web site will get on the internet at once!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Quick domain name redirection

You’re able to forward a domain to an alternative domain thanks to the uncomplicated capability in the Billixx IT Consulting Domain Manager. You can easily make redirections to both domains hosted in your hosting account and domain names positioned on external hosts. With merely a mouse click, it will be straightforward to pick the domain that you want to direct and afterwards designate the website url of the host that you’ll want it to forward to. To reverse a re–direction, click on the ’Host Domain’ button and then our system is going to point the domain to your cloud website hosting plans account.

You may need domain name redirection to point several domain names to just one website. By way of example, if possess a brand name (your–, you’ll be able to forward all preferred domain name extensions towards your main web site (your–, your–, your–, your–, etc.) to make certain that not a soul will take the domain name and ’steals’ your users.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Look after your privacy

The WHOIS Privacy Protection solution can be described as fantastic way to cover the registration information and facts of one’s domain from the public eye. It is going to swap your own personal information along with generic company name and address, to ensure that no individual will use it for illegal applications. If, nevertheless, a person hopes to make contact with you about your domain name, they will still operate the listed e–mail address, that can instantly divert the message for you.

Hepsia File Manager


Safe and sound your clients’ data

The best way to assure protection for the delicate info of your online users is always to add an SSL in your site. It’ll secure the connection between your website visitors as well as your web site, to ensure that all carried data such as credit card data are retained safe.

In the Domain Manager, you can quickly obtain a fresh SSL certificate for your web site. You can select between two types of SSL – standard (for one website) and then Wildcard (for any hosts within a domain name).

Hepsia File Manager