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  • See the reason why our dedicated servers stick out from the rest. Find out how getting a dedicated server from Billixx IT Consulting will help your web site improve.
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  • You can now install web apps such as WordPress and Joomla with a single click thanks to our free App Installer. Discover more about it.

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  • You can have your SSL certificates or Wildcard SSL certificates installed in a millisecond. Get the cheapest possible prices – only with Billixx IT Consulting.

Full Root Access

When you order a dedicated server with Billixx IT Consulting, you'll get full root access for full server management. It is easy to modify every setting for your server, deploy brand new software, re-configure pre-existing modules, etcetera. You can connect to your server via every SSH client, or with a terminal application.Root access is offered for all servers, with every operating system, and with the DirectAdmin and cPanel control panels. Full Root Access

Unlimited Hosted Domains

You could make your dedicated server the center of your online activity. With each dedicated server you'll be able to host an unlimited number of domain names. As a result, you can have your domain names and sites working from one place, which makes them much simpler to control.Our ”unlimited domain names” deal refers to all of the control panels available for our dedicated servers: cPanel, DirectAdmin and our own Web Hosting Control Panel. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Powerful Server Hardware

Enjoy dedicated servers with powerful and reliable hardware elements. We don’t merely adhere to the latest trends in computer hardware, we test every single component of our hardware setups extensively to ensure that it offers the level of performance we expect and that it won't fail following a single week of operation. By doing this, we're able to assure perfect performance for your sites and web apps.Due to amazing hardware, in addition to our customized internal network and our US data center, you'll enjoy a 99.9% network uptime warranty and ideal connectivity with the world. Powerful Server Hardware

Free Control Panel

Control the power of your dedicated server using the free of charge and intuitive Web Hosting Control Panel. From it, you can begin dealing with your website when your server is put together, without having to deal with the server installation yourself. You are able to leave the server maintenance completely in the background and never worry about it, centering your complete attention on what is important - your sites and apps.Also, to additionally help you with them, our Web Hosting Control Panel is packed with handy tools, free bonuses as well as a special set of website accelerators, designed to significantly boost the loading speed of your web sites and web apps. Free Control Panel

Free Hosting Tools

If you want to make money with your dedicated server from Billixx IT Consulting, you can quickly turn it into a reseller hosting server and start your very own hosting company. And not only is this possible, thanks to the free instruments provided with each of our dedicated servers, it is easy.You will have at your disposal a cost-free domain name reseller account, helping you to offer domain names at attractive prices and no cost billing software, which can very easily communicate with your server’s WHM as well as your domain name reseller account. You can always take full advantage of our 24/7 tech support if you have any questions. Free Hosting Tools

Ultra-modern Data Center

With Billixx IT Consulting, your dedicated server will be situated in a modern data center in the US. We have chosen a US data center, located in Chicago, for the fantastic connectivity solutions it has and because of its capability to promptly transform its internal network and practices to match client demands and incoming traffic. This allowed us to deploy our very own internal network, based on crème de la crème hardware from Juniper. With tech support available 24/7 and a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, your dedicated server will be risk-free in our US data center. Ultra-modern Data Center